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Nitten Club meets between 8.30 - 11pm every Thursday


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Welcome to Nitten

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Every Thursday you'll find us all enjoying good music and having a great time at our friendly club in 'Nitten-by-the-bing'.  

Our club nights are enjoyed for the mix of song, instruments and humour.


                             Events 2015

Guest Nights 1st Thursday every Month ( see Club News drop down menu )


Thur  April  23rd            Poetry Competition

Sat    October 31st        Ceilidh

Thur  November 12th    Song Competition

















Join us any Thursday and share the fun!










Once a month we have a theme night at Nitten. Theme Nights are a great way of motivating you to seek out a tune or song that you wouldn't normally consider performing.  You don't have to stick to the theme, it's not always easy to find a song that fits into a particular theme.  It's meant to be a bi t of fun and a challenge to you to expand your repertoire!  Interpret the following as you wish....


Apr       Thur 16       Springtime

May      Thur 21       Must Have A Chorus

Jun       Thur 18       Thoughts Of Home

July      Thur 16       Americana

Aug      Thur 20       All Hands on Deck

Sep      Thur 17       Jazz n Blues

Oct       Thur 15       Duets

Nov      Thur 19       New To You

Dec      Thur 17       A.G.M./ Christmas Social