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                                 The Jock & Gina Bryce

                                 Memorial Quaich



Jock and Gina Bryce were great supporters of the club and Jock regaled us with many songs delivered in his fine tenor voice.


Among his favourites was the old English ballad "Fathom the Bowl" which was always an excuse for club members to show off their harmonising skills.  


Many visiting stars on guest nights were put on their mettle when they heard this as a floor spot.

quaich 1 quaich 2

The inscription 'Fathom The Bowl'

Although Gina did not sing, she enjoyed everyone else's contribution and was well known for cracking up hysterically if she found something particularly amusing.  Gina did not keep very good health and passed away in 2003.  Jock followed her two weeks later.  


The quaich was purchased by the club and goes, every year to the club member who gets the most votes in the song writing competition.


         Annual Song Contest


The Jock & Gina Bryce Memorial Quaich , for the best song.


2010 Charlie Milne

2011 Anne Renshaw

2012 John Diment

2013 Ronnie Miller

2014 Ian Young

2015 Jim Weatherston

2016 Anne Renshaw

2017 Ian Young

2018 Ian Young


The David Barnett Cup , for the most humorous entry.


2010 Anne Renshaw

2011 Janis Duncan

2012 Anne Renshaw

2013 Ian Young

2014 Charlie Boyle

2015 Charlie Boyle

2016 Trish Santer

2017 Trish Sante

2019 Charlie Boyle



The Davie Barnett Cup


Davie Barnett was a founder member of the club and served on the committee for many years.  His particular taste was for humorous songs delivered in his own pawky Glaswegian manner.  Among many he sang were "Doon in the Wee Room" and "Lion".  


After a long illness Davie passed away and his wife Christine, also a founder member and club secretary for many years, presented the cup  in Davie's memory for the most amusing song in the competition.