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Live Recording Made At Nitten


In 1995 Sheena Wellington recorded her

best selling album 'Strong Women' Live at Nitten

Folk Club.  This Greentrax recording is available

online from, click here to view

or purchase.


Some our current membership remember this

occasion and are keen to point out 'that's me in the background, singing along!'


Sheena was accompanied by Ewen Sutherland on guitar and Simon Thoumire on concertina.

Nitten was very privileged that night.  If you have never heard this recording, it comes highly recommended by a number of 'folkies', and The Scotsman said 'The mix is powerful'.  


Sheena was made an honorary member of Nitten Folk Club and has returned occasionally to visit us all.

Winners of Edinburgh Folk Club Songwriting Competition.


In June 2008,  John Haldane snr & Lesley Hale won the Edinburgh Folk Club Songwriting Competition with the song 'The Fields of France', a song based on of John's poem entitled 'The Forgotten Men Of 1918'. Lesley set the tune to the poem and performed on the evening.  


John J Haldane has previously won Nitten Folk Club's Poetry & Song  competitions and in 2007 published a collection of his work in a book, 'POEMS, STORIES AND SCRIBBLINGS'

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                                             Photographs courtesy of Alan McMillan,  

                                                    Edinburgh Folk Club.

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Strong Women Rule Us All With Their Tears

Dark Eyed Molly

Address To A Haggis

Mill O' Tifty's Annie

The Tryst

The False Bride

The Glasgow Councillor

The Slave's Lament


The Great Silkie O' Sule Skerrie

The Shearin

A Waukrife Minnie

Silver Tassie

My Luv's Like A Red, Red Rose

The Little Sunday School

CDTRAX094 (released February 1995)