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Nitten Club meets between 8.30 - 11pm every Thursday


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Every Thursday you'll find us all enjoying good music and having a great time at our friendly club in 'Nitten-by-the-bing'.  

Our club nights are enjoyed for the mix of song, instruments and humour.


                        All Events Cancelled untill further notice


                             Events 2020


 Guest Nights 1st Thursday every Month ( see Club News drop down menu )

 Charity Concert            Friday     27th March ( Postponed till October )  

 Poetry Competition      Thursday  23rd April

 Charity Concert            Saturday  17th October

 Club Meal                     Sunday    25th October  ( TBC )

 Song Competition        Thursday 12th November

 AGM / Social                Thursday 19th December   7-30pm

























Join us any Thursday and share the fun!










Once a month we have a theme night at Nitten. Theme Nights are a great way of motivating you to seek out a tune or song that you wouldn't normally consider performing.  You don't have to stick to the theme, it's not always easy to find a song that fits into a particular theme.  It's meant to be a bit of fun and a challenge to you to expand your repertoire!  Interpret the following as you wish.


  Thurs   23rd      January       Burns Night

  Thurs   20th      February      Place Names

  Thurs   19th      March          A Feckin' Good Night

  Thurs   16th      April             Americana

  Thurs    21st     May              Flora and Fauna

  Thurs    18th     June             A Working Life

  Thurs    16th     July               Land ,Sea and Rivers

  Thurs     20th     August         Precious Things

  Thurs     17th     September   Must Have A Chorus

  Thurs     15th     October        Duets Night  

  Thurs     19th     November    Humour Me

  Thurs     17th     December     AGM / Social   ( 7-30pm Sharp Start )        











































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